Terms of Payment
Our terms of payment are payment in advance for the first transaction and or 30 days from Invoice date provided we can contact three of your references in the U.S. or Europe.

We ship everywhere
We can and have the capability of Exporting, Consolidating, Legalizing, Insurance, Letters of Credit and all that a Freight Forwarder offers and much more, we are closer to your Orders than an independent Freight Forwarder or Consolidator would be, and we have major discounts with Inland Carriers and Ocean Freight Cariers for our Export deals, caring the savings on to your esteemed Company.

Shipping Time
Our Lead time for shipments depends were our Suppliers are located, for instance if our Suppliers are located in the North East U.S area then we would ship and or consolidate your freight from the nearest U.S port of Export rather than bringing the freight to Miami, Fl. and saving you the Inland freight portion.